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Smart Appliances

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Smart Appliances

Technology moves at a breakneck pace. Each and every year there are advancements in every field of technology. Better phones, better cars, and better televisions are just some examples. We are always looking to buy and own the next big thing. We want the best pieces of technology. Why then do we still have so many outdated pieces of technology in our homes? Every year there are new and better versions of the appliances that line the shelves of stores. People only purchase these new appliances when their old ones break or become too cumbersome to use. It is a safe bet to assume that every new appliance is better than what came before. There are other reasons for these things to purchase a new appliance. Newer appliances often are made and utilized with the “Energy Star” philosophy in mind. These new smart appliances are much more energy efficient. The more efficient an appliance is the more it will save you in the long run.

The Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, started a program to push more energy efficient technology. The program that they created is called “Energy Star”. It was started in 1992. The program labels appliances based on how efficiently they utilize energy. Purchasing an appliance with the “Energy Star” logo promises to be better for the environment and save you money in energy bills. Energy Star products are designed to use energy more efficiently so the amount of greenhouse gasses produced is cut.


When purchasing a new appliance that is on the larger side, it is smart to hire a licensed electrician to assist in the installation. These large appliances, such as a refrigerator, draw tons of power to work. A licensed electrician would be able to judge if the appliance is able to fit on the same circuit. If not, it is a good idea to move such a power hungry machine to its own dedicated circuit. When deciding to go with a dedicated circuit it is important to take into account the size of the circuit you will need. Circuits come in different sizes based on how many amps it can handle. 20 Amp circuits are great for medium sized appliances like a hairdryer. 30 to 50 amp circuits are more suited for large appliances like a drying machine.

The Energy Star logo signifies appliances that are better designed and more cost-efficient than their older counterparts. Purchasing one of the newer appliances should be viewed as a smart investment. The appliances work better and work smarter. They save you money while helping to save the environment in the long run.

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