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Fuse Box Upgrades

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Replace Your Old Fuse Box with A New Circuit Panel

If you have an older electrical system with a fuse box, then you are likely dealing with periodic blown fuses and power outages. When this happens, your whole day comes to a halt so that you can fix the electrical problem. Kings Electrical & Air Conditioning will upgrade your outdated fuse box to a circuit breaker to give you a more reliable electrical system.

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Old Fuse Box Dangers

Today's homes and businesses use more electricity than was necessary in the past. Because of this, an older fuse box can become overloaded and unreliable, making it a huge inconvenience as well as a safety hazard. There are many benefits to upgrading your fuse box to a circuit breaker, including:

  • Safety – Circuit breaker switches are safer than replacing fuses.
  • Convenience – Circuit breakers are more convenient to use because you can test and reset individual circuits.
  • Reliability – The newer technology of a circuit breaker can handle today’s power needs.
  • Economical – Because they are more reliable, circuit breakers require less maintenance, which saves you money over time.
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Why Choose Kings?

When you hire Kings Electricians for your fuse box upgrade, you can expect the highest standard of service, including:

  • Upfront Pricing – we put our quote in writing, and that is the price you pay, even if the job takes longer than expected.
  • Certified Electricians – with the training and experience necessary to perform skillful repairs.
  • Red Carpet Service – our prompt, professional, friendly electricians leave your home as clean as we found it. You can expect the royal treatment from Kings!
  • Written Guarantee – we provide each customer with a written guaranty because we stand behind our work.

Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction. We aim to serve our electrical customers in the Orlando and Central Florida area in a way that keeps them coming back to Kings for all their electrical needs.