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Whole House Dehumidifier

A Dehumidifier Reduces Your Home's Humidity & Makes it More Comfortable

Does the air in your home seem damp? Are members of your family constantly struggling with breathing issues, such as asthma or sore throat? When there is too much humidity in the air, the moisture allows for growth of mold and mildew, which can cause health problems. Though most HVAC systems are designed to remove some humidity from your home, Florida climates offer an extra challenge, and many homes need a whole house dehumidifier to alleviate the humidity problem.

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There are many ways to benefit from a whole house dehumidifier:

  • Decreasing Mold and Mildew: Less moisture means less mold and mildew, which means fewer health issues caused by these culprits.
  • Removing Dust Mites: Dust mites thrive in high humidity, so removing excess moisture from the air helps keep these pests from multiplying in your home.
  • Protecting Belongings From Moisture: Many items such as books, clothes, and certain foods will last longer in a drier environment.

A whole house humidifier takes away unwanted moisture so that unhealthy germs, molds and allergens that thrive in moist air can't grow, leaving you with healthier air in your home.

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When you choose Kings to install your whole house dehumidifier, you can expect the highest standard of service, including:

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  • Written Guarantee – we provide each customer with a written guaranty because we stand behind our work.