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Evaporator Coil Care

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Kings Electric Stresses Proper Coil Care & Cleaning

The evaporator coil unit is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. As such, it's important that the coils are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, to ensure that the quality of the air being forced through your home's ventilation is clean.

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These are just a few of the dangers of dirty coils:

Increased Impurities

Air moves across the coils as a “last stop” before entering your ventilation system. In the case of airborne dirt, dust, pollen and allergens being present, these can also come along for the ride and move through your vents and into your home.

Decreased Cooling Ability

As your evaporator coils cool indoor air, they remove moisture. When the incoming air contains dirt, pollen, nicotine or dust, these will combine with the moisture and eventually settle on the coil. This will result in the air flow being restricted, and therefore heat transfer being impeded.

Shortened System Life

When the coils are unclean, they are forced to operate at a higher capacity than normal to meet the demand dictated by the thermostat. When this happens, it both elevates the system pressure and temperature, and also burns through oil, meaning that the parts will fatigue and therefore fail much sooner than expected.

Increased Power Costs

When the coil becomes contaminated with pollutants, the compressor tries to compensate with the loss of effectiveness by increasing the system's pressure. In extreme cases, this can result in a 37% increase of electricity usage.

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Your Coil Units are the Most Important and Most Expensive Parts to Replace.

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