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Circuit Breaker Replacement

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You need electricity to run your home or business, so when a circuit breaker trips, daily progress comes to a halt. Kings Electrical & Air Conditioning of Florida can troubleshoot your electrical circuit breaker issues. Our expert licensed electricians will diagnose the problem, and provide a solution that gets your electrical system working again.

Faulty Circuit Breaker Danger

Circuit breakers generally last a long time, however, when a problem occurs you need to take care of it quickly. Faulty circuit breakers are not just an inconvenience, they can also be dangerous if left unattended. What are some of the signs that it's time to replace a circuit breaker?

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  • Frequent “tripping” and loss of power
  • The circuit breaker feels hot to the touch
  • The circuit breaker has a burning odor
  • The circuit breaker is showing visual signs of damage, such as frayed wires
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Why Choose Kings?

When you choose Kings for your circuit breaker replacement, you can expect the highest standard of service, including:

  • Upfront Pricing – we put our quote in writing, and that is the price you pay, even if the job takes longer than expected.
  • Certified Electricians – with the training and experience necessary to perform the skillful work on your circuit breakers.
  • Red Carpet Service – our prompt, professional, friendly electricians leave your home as clean as we found it. You can expect the royal treatment from Kings!
  • Written Guarante – we provide each customer with a written guaranty because we stand behind our work.