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Automated Shades

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Kings Installs Motorized Blinds for Your Convenience

Living in “The Sunshine State” has many benefits. But there are times when too much sun heats up your home and gives you too much glare. When you hire Kings Electrical & Air Conditioning to install your motorized blinds, you will be able to control how much sun to let in with just the press of a button. You can even program your automated shades to open or close at specific times of day.

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What are some of the biggest benefits of motorized blinds?

  • Style – No unsightly cords!
  • Safety – Because they are cordless, motorized blinds do not pose a safety hazard for children or pets.
  • Convenience – Motorized blinds are simply more convenient, especially in homes with many windows, or windows that are difficult to reach.
  • Energy Efficiency – Controlling light levels also helps to control heat levels, so that you can utilize the sun for its energy, or block it out to keep rooms cooler.
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Why Choose Kings?

When you choose Kings to install your motorized blinds, you can be sure that your automated shading installation will be completed by an experienced, professional electrician. You can expect prompt, professional Red Carpet Service from Kings, as well as upfront pricing and a written guarantee.