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Electrical Panel & Sub Panel Upgrades

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Worried about your electrical panel? Upgrading or adding a sub-panel? We can help!

Federal Pacific Panel Safety Alert!

On Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 W.P.T.V. News @ 11 P.M. broadcasted a "Special Report" to make the public aware of how dangerous these panels are. Please open the link for 1st hand information and update.

If your home has an unreliable power supply, your panel board may need repairs or a capacity upgrade in order to operate safely. With the high number of electrical appliances drawing power in most South Florida homes, a significant strain is being put on older distribution panels. Having outdated distribution panels in your home can increase the risk of fire and electrocution. You may require capacity upgrades or a new panel board installation in order to receive reliable, safe power and to minimize these risks. Kings Electrical can perform a full assessment to determine if your panel board meets your required power needs and can advise you on the right solution if it does not.

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Capacity Upgrades:

If you've recently extended your premises or bought additional electrical appliances, then it is essential to have an electrical expert assess your current panel board's capacity to ensure that it is safe, reliable, and capable of supplying enough power to meet your new needs. Kings Electrical can evaluate your current panel board and advise if a capacity upgrade would be suitable for your situation in addition to performing a quality installation.

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Circuit Breaker Upgrades:
Kings Electrical can advise and replace any outdated fuse boxes with a modern circuit breaker. A circuit breaker replaces the trouble of changing the fuse wire when a power break occurs. With your new circuit breaker, all you need to do is flick a switch to restore the power to your property.

For professional, on-time service for all your residential and commercial circuit breaker & rewiring needs in South Florida, including Broward, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade Counties, you can rely on the electrical experts at Kings Electrical.

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