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Whole Home Generator Service

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A Whole Home Generator is an Excellent idea…but Installing it Correctly is Key!

With hurricane season being part of life in South Florida, you can relax knowing all your electrical needs are covered with your standby generator when the standard power supply to your home is compromised. Kings Electrical is already the preferred choice in other local homes and businesses with our satisfaction guaranteed service and electrical expertise.

Reliable Back-Up Power, When You Need It

Utility power can be unpredictable, particularly during Florida’s hurricane season. With a back-up generator solution from Kings Electrical you can be sure that you always have a constant and reliable power supply and can continue your day to day life uninterrupted. Our stand-by generators detect the utility failure and automatically switch the power supply on. You don’t have to go and find the back-up generator in the dark and get it working – the system comes on automatically when it registers a power cut. When the utility power supply is restored, the generator simply switches itself off without you having to do a thing.

Critical Power Protection

Having an automatic back-up power source safeguards critical systems that require a constant source of power. Systems such as lighting, alarms, computers, data storage units, refrigerators and medical appliances can all operate safely and reliably with the right backup generator. Even in major cities, utility power has failed for as much as a week, but with a backup generator solution from Kings Electrical you can be sure your home or business always receives power and reduces the impact of any utility failure.

Choice Of Brands And Warranties

To ensure you always get the right standby generator to suit your needs, we offer a complete range of generators from the leading manufacturers in the industry with the best range of warranties for your complete peace of mind.

Wide Range Of Back-Up Generator Solutions

Kings Electrical can offer you a wide range of back-up generator solutions, including generator systems from as low as 7KW to 150KW. Simply speak with one of our fully qualified expert technicians and we can assess your needs and offer you the right standby generator solution with the right capacity to suit your needs.

Portable Generator Transfer Switches

For a less comprehensive, but economical solution, Kings Electrical can assist with portable generator transfer switches that let you use a gas generator to power your home

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Expert Installations

Kings Electrical is fully licensed and insured and our expert electricians are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard. We have installed stand-by generators across the South Florida region, so you can be sure your needs are being met by the best.

Maintenance Assistance

Ensure your standby generator always operates at peak performance when you need it with a regular maintenance check. We can also provide advice on any recommended repairs and upgrades that may be required.

Customer Service Excellence

We pride ourselves on offering the best in friendly and professional service. All our technicians are well presented and you will be happy you chose Kings Electrical for your standby generator needs.

Call For An Estimate

Benefit from an obligation free assessment and quote for the right generator solution for your home or business.

You can rely on the Expert Electricians at Kings Electrical for professional, on-time service in South and Central Florida, including Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami Dade County, Orange County & Seminole County.