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The Truth about HVAC Air Filters

It's common knowledge that filters should be changed regularly, but there is very little information on what is the appropriate type of filter to fit your home's unique needs. When shopping for an air conditioning or furnace filter, it's important to keep in mind that type is just as important as regularity.

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The experts at Kings have compiled a few tips about filters to help you stay healthy, and save some money in the process:

Price doesn't always dictate performance

There are countless types and price levels associated with filtration. Note that a filter that's too fine can actually restrict airflow, and perform no better than a dirty cheap one after a few weeks of use. Instead, you might be better off regularly changing a lower cost filter, or even investing in a washable one.

Filters protect your equipment

Despite popular belief, the biggest role filters play is protecting your equipment like coils, not necessarily cleaning your air. Instead, the idea is that an efficient and clean system results in clean air.

Your equipment is typically seasonal

Pay attention to when your unit turns off and on throughout the year. If the fan's not running, there's no air passing through it. Unless you live in a consistent climate, this can help you dictate how regularly you change your filters.

Clean your breathable air

If your concern is breathability, you should invest in an ultraviolet sterilizer. These are actually mounted in your ductwork and kill bacteria as it passes through the light, and go a long way to actually make your air healthier.

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