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UV Light

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Keeping Your Air Clean with Ultraviolet Light

You rely on the air in your home to be clean so that you can be healthy, but this goes beyond just being dust and dirt-free. Of the less than 1% of particles that still get through a standard filter, some can be bacterial or viral and cause problems to you and the others residing in your home. You need a solution to ensure that the air coming through is indeed free of any harmful contaminants.

Kings Electric can install ultraviolet lighting into your HVAC system, which can act as a second line of defense and kill harmful microscopic particles that pass through it.

In addition to destroying biological and chemical contaminants and odors, a UV light for AC provides the added benefit of:

  • Cleaner coils, resulting in more effective system performance
  • Removes extra particles from circulation, prolonging filter life
  • Increased energy savings
  • Can remain on, keeping you protected 24/7
  • Reduces frequency and cost of duct cleanings needed

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UV lighting installation is unintrusive and convenient, and can be used in any kind of building or HVAC system, in the ductwork or the AC unit/furnace itself. When used in conjunction with Kings Electric & Air Conditioning's other indoor air quality services, a UV light for AC or heating can help you maintain the most efficient and healthy system possible.

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Get the Added Air Purification Protection that Only a UV Light Can Provide.

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