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Interior Lighting

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Interior Lighting

Lighting is the secret weapon for all aesthetics. A beautiful model could look utterly plain if he or she were lit by the wrong lighting. This idea is especially true when we talk about architecture and interior design. Interior lighting is important because of all the conflicting dynamics at play. There is a myriad of factors to consider when thinking about any form of interior lighting. Do you want some light that will illuminate the entire room? Do you want lights that are designed to draw the eye of visitors? How does the light work with the shadows it will create? How does the light work with natural light? What type of light do you choose to go with?

What you want out of your interior lighting is how you should decide which type of light you want. A high hat, a bulb placed directly into the ceiling, is great for lighting up an entire room. LED, Light Emitting Diode, directional lights are great at illuminating a specific place or object. Fluorescent lights are also ideal for lamps and ceiling lights alike.

Installation of any interior lighting can range from the simple to the complex. Installing a high hat is relatively simple. Installing a series of directing lights is a bit more complicated because of all the additional forces at play. Adding lights is even harder than that. Luckily a licensed electrician has all the skills needed to complete the majority of jobs. 

Adding interior lights where there are none is one of the most complex things a licensed electrician will come across. The electrician would have to add the wiring for the new light and connect that wiring to an all-new switch. Then the switch has to be connected to the electrical service panel in order to receive power.

Something else to keep in mind when planning out interior lighting is what color temperature you want the lights to be. Warmer color temperatures lead to a softer light and they have a yellowish-orange hue. Colder color temperature is more like a harsh white light. It makes things look more stark and austere. LED lights are usually a cold color temperature. Incandescent light bulbs tend to be on the warmer side of the color spectrum.

Interior lighting is one of the most important considerations you will have to make when decorating your home. Different lights can give off drastically different feelings and moods. Color temperatures can change the room from warm and inviting to stark and clinical. How many lights and where they are located could be limiting factors, but your local electrician should be able to help you sort out any problems.

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