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Pool Lights

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Pool Lights

There is almost nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a nice cool pool on a hot summer’s day. The only thing that might be more refreshing is going for a swim in a heated pool during the fall and winter. Now a pool is just a large hole in the concrete hole in the ground filled with water. A certified electrician can transform that same hole in the ground into a wonderful luxury. An electrician can install a water heater, so you can enjoy the pool all year round. An electrician can install a light, or lights, in the pool so you can enjoy it any time of day. An electrician can even install a timed switch for the heater, so the water will be warmed up for you anytime you might want to take a swim. There are lights to be wired and pumps to be installed, but it is all worth it.

On a basic level,  pool lights are pretty similar to regular lights. Both lights need to be connected to a power source. The main difference is that a pool light needs to survive being submerged underwater. The pool light needs to be watertight, otherwise, it won’t work, and in fact can be quite dangerous. The installation of the pool light is the easy part. Normally it is installed during the construction of the pool itself. The real issues come when the electrician needs to perform some electrical repairs. Faulty wiring is dangerous, to begin with, but a faulty wire underwater is extremely dangerous. It may even be deadly. Electrical repairs are the most important aspect. The basic wiring for the pool is also important. It is the foundation. Everything related to it is crucial because of the logistics involved. Wiring for a pool is akin to wiring landscape lighting. Both need to access their power remotely. Both need to run their wiring underground. Both need to be extremely careful about the other pipes running underground.

A pool is a wonderful thing to have for families and individuals alike. Certain pieces of additional equipment can take a wonderful thing and turn it into something extraordinary. A heating pump allows the pool to be used year round. Electrical repairs are paramount and they should always take top priority. They need to be dealt with as soon as they are noticed, and there needs to be yearly, if not monthly inspections.

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