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Air Duct Sterilization

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Air duct cleaning
Air Duct Sterilization

There are air ducts all above you. They cross all over your attic, connecting each and every air vent to your air conditioner. It is an extremely important part of the infrastructure of your house. The ducts get the cold air, or warm air, all throughout your residence. Unfortunately, because all those ducts deliver air, they also deliver far more unseemly things. Dust, debris, mold, and bacteria can all be transported through your air ducts. This is why certified electricians have started to offer air duct sterilization.

Air duct sterilization is the process of thoroughly cleaning the air ducts, the air conditioner, and heating elements. The sterilization process eliminates all the dirt and bacteria you may be breathing in every single day. It’s true that people normally breathe in a light amount of dust every day, but sterilization concerns itself with things more detrimental to your health. Heavy dust, along with bacteria and molds, is where things start to get dicier. In humid places, South Florida especially, mold could be growing in your air ducts or air conditioning without you ever realizing it. The combination of hot weather, cold air drafts, and standing water due to condensation is a breeding ground for bacteria. Vermin and other pests could have also made your attic their home for various times. Their waste could be getting into the ducts and spreading throughout the air and into your lungs. Enough dust and debris build-up could actually clog your air ducts and restrict the flow of fresh air. This not only adds more dirt into the air, but it lowers the air conditioner’s efficiency, while still wasting the same amount of power. 

Quality duct cleaning should always be done by a licensed electrician or professional. Duct cleaning involves the thorough cleaning of every single air duct. This is to be 100% sure that all the dirt and debris is cleared out, as well as to make sure there is no mold or hidden pockets of debris. A thorough duct cleaning also involves the cleaning of all cooling and heating elements of the air conditioner. The air ducts could be as clean as a whistle, but they will not matter if you have the fan and cooling systems sending dirt and grime right back in. The motor, the fan, and the drip pans are also thoroughly clean and sanitized. This is important because the drip pan has standing water. Standing water and warm weather is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. The actual cleaning of the air ducts is done by thoroughly dislodging and removing built-up dirt and grime. The air conditioner is also treated to be mold and bacteria resistant. 

Air duct sterilization is a relatively new service offered by our certified electricians. It is useful for cleaning out the ducts, as well as the entire air conditioner. Air duct sterilization is a great yearly maintenance investment. Doing this helps catch and stop any problems before they become too overwhelming and impact your health. Not only that but a quality duct sterilization leads to cleaner air. You rotate the tires on your car, you go in for a yearly check-up, so you should invest in an annual air duct sterilization. It is an important part of keeping your house in tip-top shape. 

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