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LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

The modern incandescent light bulb was invented in 1880 by Thomas Edison. It has gone on to become the global standard in residential lighting. Unfortunately, incandescent light bulbs are also outdated and inefficient. These incandescent bulbs only convert about 5% of its energy into light, and they convert 90% of that same energy into heat. The fact that so much energy is wasted leads to inflated energy bills. The filament that heats up to create light in these bulbs is also notoriously finicky. These old bulbs are wasting thousands of dollars every single day. Luckily LEDs exist as the modern day solution to residential lighting. LED, or Light Emitting Diodes, are superior to old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs in every conceivable way. Good quality LEDs are more efficient, more versatile, the last longer, and are more cost-efficient.

LEDs are much more compact than regular light bulbs. They can be used in a much wider array of applications, from high hats to bedside lamps. LEDs contain a heat sink, therefore they give off far less heat.

For years these lights were limited in applications. Since they were primarily directional lights for the majority of their existence, they were used as signal lights or directing lights. Advances in technology have now made it possible for LEDs to light up an entire room. Since these lights are so versatile they can be purchased in the style of incandescent bulbs. This allows LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs in the average American household.

LEDs are powered when an electrical current course through a tiny semiconductor. This creates a bright light that is easily manipulated. Since it is a semiconductor that is providing the light and not a filament, LEDs do not burn out. Instead, they experience a slow degradation of light over many hundreds of hours. It is recommended to change out LEDs once they have lost over 30% of their original light.  

The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing LEDs is heat management. LEDs use a heat sink which is a great way to gather and disperse heat, but it is only useful if that heat has a place to go. If a LED light is exposed to high heat for prolonged periods of time then it will simply not function as well. Light degradation would happen at a greater pace. It is something to keep in mind, even though it is a simple fix.

LED lighting is a modern solution to a decades-long problem. LED lights will end up saving the average American thousands of dollars over the years because LEDs waste less energy. These lights also require less energy, yet produce the same amount of light. LEDs last longer than traditional light bulbs and are extremely versatile. LED lighting is the light bulb of the future.

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