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Air conditioning has surpassed being a luxury item. It is now a full-blown modern day necessity. In places like Florida, South Florida in particular, it’s as important as electricity. Making sure your air conditioner is running at full capacity is vital. The licensed electricians at King’s Electrical and Air Conditioning have been trained to diagnose and repair any problem that your air conditioner may run into. AC repair is something that we take very seriously. 

Air conditioners function very closely to the way refrigerators work. Air conditioners are comprised of three main parts. There is the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. The only additional piece of equipment you might need outside of those core three pieces is a heat pump. A heat pump basically reverses what an air conditioner does in order to turn it into a heater as well. The condenser and compressor are located on the physical unit outside of the house. The evaporator is more often than not on the inside of the house. This is just a basic overview of the different parts of the air conditioner, but the knowledge could help pinpoint any issues that may arise.

The three most common problems users run into with A/C’s are the improper operation of the unit, faulty installation, and bad maintenance. The first two things, improper operation and faulty installation, can be solved easily. All it takes its hiring a licensed electrician. King’s Electrical and Air Conditioning has both licensed and insured contractors. Their contractors will be able to provide a full installation of the air conditioning unit. They will also sit down and answer any and all questions you may have about the usage of the air conditioning. This ensures that user error will never be a problem. A faulty installation will never be an issue as well.

Faulty maintenance is a trickier beast. One of the more common problems that arise from improper maintenance is something that seems to be rather simple. There is a lack of refrigerant in the unit. Air conditioners run off refrigerant to help cool the air. Many times when the air conditioner does not seem to be blowing out cool air can be attributed to lack of refrigerant. Many more inexperienced electricians might overlook the refrigerant, or they don’t put enough in.

The lack of a refrigerant is one of the most basic maintenance issues. Usually, the problems that arise are a touch more tricky to figure out. All work done by King’s Electrical comes with a warranty. So if anything goes wrong, help and repair is only a phone call away. It really is important to stay on top of the air conditioners maintenance. Upkeep is paramount. Without proper upkeep the odds of something breaking down increase exponentially. Proper usage and quality installation will go a long way to ensuring that the upkeep is manageable.

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