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Whole Home Surge Protection

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Whole Home Surge Protection

Electricity is the thing that powers our lives. We need electricity to give life to all our electronics. Electricity is a great thing, but it could also be extremely dangerous. Too much electricity could destroy the very things it helps power. Power surges are an example of this. We normally think of power surges in localized terms. Our computers or televisions may experience a power surge. That’s not all however, your entire home can just as easily surged with power. Whole home surge protection is possible, there are ways to help protect your home from electric bursts. Whole home surge protection is a worthwhile preventive measure.

A circuit breaker is designed to trip or shut off if there is a sudden increase in electrical power. The breaker trips cutting off the flow of energy. If the circuit does not trip then there would be a surge of power. This increased electrical current will surge through the wires and course throughout the house. The wires will start to give off tremendous amounts of heat. They will start to burn. In just a matter of seconds, the wires can suffer permanent damage. The tricky thing about power surges is that they do not just affect the wiring in the house or your electrical panel box. Power surges could be destructive to any electronic that is plugged into an outlet. The massive electrical current flows through the wires and could fry any electronic device it hits.

A power surge could cause damage to your home and belongings that are not immediately noticeable. Your home’s wiring could be severely damaged and compromised. This is doubly true if the wiring in your house is on the older side. The circuit breakers in the panel box could be burnt out. The electronics that were plugged in could have had some of their chipsets fried by the overwhelming power. This is damning because people contain their entire lives on things like their smartphones or computers. It would be catastrophic on multiple levels if these things were compromised or damaged.

So how are you able to make sure that you are able to protect yourself against this sort of thing? The quick and easy answer is with whole home surge protection. Many power strips that plug into outlets do work, but only up to a certain point. Those power strips are usually not built to withstand a large power surge. These sort of power surge protectors are designed to withstand minor power surges. The type that usually occurs when large appliances are cycling up or down, or when too many large power drawing appliances turn on. Beyond that, every appliance needs to be plugged into a power strip to be effective. It is not practical.

In order to really protect yourself from massive power surges, like those from a lightning strike, you would need to invest in a whole home surge protection suppression system. A whole home surge protection suppression system is usually hardwired into the home’s service panel box. One of our certified electrical contractors should be able to complete the installation in just a few hours. The standard whole home suppression system is rated at 40,000 amps. This is enough to withstand even the largest power surge.

Surge protection is an important thing to consider. Electronics have made themselves an integral part of our lives. They need to be safeguarded. Power surges are a thing that can threaten them. Power strips that plug into outlets are useful, but they cannot protect all your electronics from every power surge. A whole home surge protection suppression system protects your home and devices.

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