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Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

Florida is a good looking place, South Florida, in particular, is a beautiful place. It has lush green grass, stunning trees, and vibrant foliage. Home landscapes, in particular, can be exceedingly scenic. Homeowners can decorate their yards to suit their own personal sense of aesthetics. Some homes are located near the beach or on the waterfronts can change their backyards to reflect that. When thinking about the landscape there is an element that people should never forget: Landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is a critical part of your home. The lighting has the ability to subtly, or significantly, change the look and feel of your yard. Landscape lighting could also affect how your house looks from the outside. Installation is the key with regards to landscape lighting. You don’t want to tear up your yard without reason.

Installation in a yard brings with it an entirely unique set of challenges. In South Florida, many utilities are being run underground. Electric, water, the internet, and even sewage could be run under your feet. This is why it is important to call your local electrician before any concrete decisions have been made. A licensed electrician is invaluable because they know how to avoid a lot of the complications. The more lights you want to add, as well as where those lights are located on the ground. All of these factors greatly impact what the electrician needs to do in order to draw power from the main panel box. The power needs to be wired into each and every light. The more lights you want means the more wiring you’ll need. The more wiring you’ll need means more digging would be required. A certified electrician would be able to minimize digging, therefore minimizing the damage done to your yard.

When dealing with the elements outdoors, it is imperative you choose the right type of lighting for your landscape. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are the best choice for this type of lighting. LEDs are very versatile lights. They can be very small, or oddly shaped. This makes them perfect for directed lighting. They could be used to draw the viewer’s attention towards a specific place or object. LEDs are also extremely durable, they last a long time, and best of all, they are cost-effective.

Landscape lighting is often the unsung hero in any yard. It takes a lot of effort to get really stellar landscape lighting. The ground has to be carefully dug up, making sure not to damage or destroy any utility pipes. Extensive wiring needs to be laid down and drawn from. Lights need to be placed in the ground and angled the correct way. It is all worth it in the end, as the right lighting could make a good yard great, and a great yard unforgettable.

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