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Did you know that in Florida, your largest home energy expense is your air air conditioner? Save money with an AC tune-up from The Kings of AC! Kings Electrical and Air Conditioning provides a complete “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” for our South and Central Florida area customers. This comprehensive maintenance tune-up takes about 90 minutes to complete, and will allow your system to operate at its highest efficiency level throughout the season. If you are tired of skyrocketing energy bills during the hot summer months, then schedule your tune-up now with The Kings of AC!

Your “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” Consists of These 21 Individual Operations:

(1) Inspect disconnect switch or circuit breaker for function.

(2) Inspect copper line set for condition of insulation.

(3) Inspect condition of fan motor and lubricate.

(4) Inspect condition of condensing coil if compromised.

(5) Inspect condition of electrical contractor.

(6) Inspect condition of electrical capacitor.

(7) Check amperage draw of compressor motor.

(8) Check amperage draw of fan motor.

(9) Check pressure & temperature of refrigerant.

(10) Add up to 2 lbs of refrigerant if needed.

(11) Check filter if dirty.

(12) Replace (CUSTOMER SUPPLIED) filter.

(13) Wash out customer reusable filter.

(14) Clean out drain line.

(15) Test safety float switch for proper function.

(16) Place algae tablets in condensate pan.

(17) Inspect evaporator coil if dirty.

(18) Inspect cabinet for growth.

(19) Inspect fan blower function.

(20) Inspect fan blower if dirty.

(21) Tighten electrical connections.

Call for your “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” consisting of the above 21 Individual Operations.

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4 reasons to join our maintenance plan!

Key Component #1: Planned Service Agreement Customers Are Priority Over Non-PSA Clients

Key Component #2: Planned Service Clients NEVER Pay a Diagnostic Fee

Key Component #3: The Planned Service Agreement is NOT a Discount Program – it’s a Higher Level Premium Service

Key Component #4: Planned Service Agreements Include Prepaid Maintenance Only – NOT Repair Coverage

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